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Oberwesel on Rhine river, valley of the
Lorelei, Germany, between Frankfurt, Mainz, Rudesheim, Bingen, Bacharach, St. Goar, castle Rheinfels, Boppard, Koblenz / Coblence, Koln / Cologne
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Approaching from the airport Frankfurt on the Main river:
Drive from the airport Frankfurt on the Main river 10 km on the freeway A 3 in direction Mainz / freeway junction Monchhof-Dreieck (Monchhof-triangle). At the freeway junction Monchhof-Dreieck turn half way left on the freeway A 67 in direction Mainz.
On the freeway A 67 you  drive 8 km til the Russelsheimer Dreieck. At the Russelsheimer Dreieck, turn right to the freeway A 60 in direction Mainz and drive 41 km along the freeway A 60 until the freeway connection location Bingen-Kempten. From there you exit right to the B 9 and along the Rheinuferstraße, 28 km in direction St. Goar.

In Oberwesel drive left beside the red Liebfrauenkirche (a church), 3 km past the castle Schonburg to the city part Dellhofen. In Dellhofen turn left directly behind the church and then turn right.



Train station Oberwesel about 3 km

Bus transfer after agreement

Freeway connections)
from the north: freeway A 61 exit Laudert / Wiebelsheim 9 km (approaching past Wiebelsheim, through Perscheid. In Perscheid turn left to Dellhofen. In Dellhofen you turn directly to your right before the church and than right again.)
from the south: freeway A 61 exit Rheinbollen 14 km (approaching through Rheinbollen, Erbach and Perscheid. In Perscheid turn left to Dellhofen. In Dellhofen you turn directly to your right before the church and than right again.)

Airport Hahn, about 50 km
Airport Frankfurt on the Main river, about 80 km
Airport Koln / Cologne / Bonn, about 139 km
Airport Luxembourg, about 152 km
Airport Dusseldorf, about 198 km
Airport Stuttgart, about 239 km
Airport Amsterdam, about 381 km
Airport Hannover / Hanover, about 431 km
Airport Munchen / Munich, about 468 km
Airport Hamburg, about 566 km
Airport Berlin, about 622 km

Boat cruise on the Rhine river
Boat landing stages about 3 km

Car ferry
past the water castle Pfalz in the Rhine river by Kaub to the right Rhine banks about 4 km

Castle Schonburg by Oberwesel 1 km
Lorelei rock 4 km
Boppard on the Rhine river 25 km
Castle Marksburg by Braubach 31 km
Koblenz / Coblence on Rhine and Moselle river 45 km
Bacharach on the Rhine river 9 km
Bingen (car ferry and boat connection to Rudesheim) 25 km
Mainz on the Rhine river 58 km

Wiesbaden on the Rhine river 58 km
Brodenbach on the Moselle river 38 km
Castle Eltz on the Moselle river 50 km

Cochem on the Moselle river 62 km

Road map St. Goar - Bacharach 437 Dellhofen, © 2000 WHO

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