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Oberwesel on Rhine river, valley of the
Lorelei, Germany, between Frankfurt, Mainz, Rudesheim, Bingen, Bacharach, St. Goar, castle Rheinfels, Boppard, Koblenz / Coblence, Koln / Cologne

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2 day vacation package with 2 Rhine river day cruises, breakfast and dinner

per person in double bedroom 109 EUR
per person in single bedroom 164 EUR
Shipcruises are not included in the offer rate.
The price for the shipcruises to St.Goar is approx. 7,00 Euro return ticket
and to Assmannshausen/Rudesheim approx. 11,00 Euro return ticket.

The package offer includes the following services:

  • Arrival Sunday or Monday
  • Departure Tuesday or Wednesday after breakfast
  • Welcome drink - one glass of sekt from Winery Stahl
  • 2 nights in a comfort room with shower/WC/TV
  • sumptuous breakfast buffet
  • 2 x 3-course delicious surprise menu

Of course you have the opportunity to taste the wines of our winery in
our romantic vaulted cellar with candlelight.
The river cruise season starts at the beginnig of April until the end of October.

Route in northern direction to Lorelei rock, St. Goar and castle Rheinfels:

You go on board in Oberwesel (the boat landing stage is 5 car minutes away from our inn).
By leaving of the Rhine river bank you'll view towards the medieval town picture with its gothic churches St. Martin and Liebfrauen surrounded by the old town wall, which is mounted from a multiplicity of defence towers. The 1000-year-old castle Schonburg watches over the town Oberwesel.

blick-von-der-loreley-200_01.jpg (7170 Byte) You'll pass a reef with 7 rocks in the Rhine river. According to the legend, there were 7 virgins of the castle Schonburg who fled from their suitors over the Rhine river. Here the hard-hearted ladies were supposed to have turned themselves into stone.

Passed the steep vine slopes of the middle Rhine river you'll reach the Loreley rock.

In early times, many a ships sank here.

It was reported to have been a pretty, naked, blonde woman, who distracted the skippers from their work through her songs and by doing this, thrust many a ship into ruins.

Through the narrowness of the river bed, the Rhine river was in fact within living memory a dangerous challenge for the navigation.

burg-katz-loreley-200_01.jpg (8276 Byte) Modern navigation systems make a fearless gaze of the legendary Lorelei rock possible today.

Further downstream on the right Rhine river side, the castle Katz (cat) rises over the town of St. Goarshausen.

On the left side of the Rhine river banks lies the skipper town of St. Goar.

rheinfels-200_01.jpg (7574 Byte) Here you go from board. After walking through the pedestrian zone and sauntering in a big cuckoo clock store you'll drive with a miniature train to the Rhine hills and the castle Rheinfels high above St. Goar.

Two (guided) round tours invite to the investigation of the castle ruin from the 13th century.

With the miniature train it goes back to the boat landing stage and then with the ship back to Oberwesel.

Route in southern direction to Assmannshausen and Rudesheim:

You go on board in Oberwesel (the boat landing stage is 5 car minutes away from our inn)

burg-rheinstein-200_01.jpg (16859 Byte)You leave the pretty wine town Oberwesel behind you and take course to Kaub and the toll water castle Pfalzgrafenstein. It was constructed from king Ludwig the Bavarian in the year 1327 and was the central point of history in the New Year's night of 1813-1814, as general von Blucher overstepped the Rhine river with his prussian troops. >From here he ended the governance of Napoleon over Europe for good.

Next stop is the old vine grape grower town and wine trade town of Bacharach. The medieval town picture is stamped by the church St. Peter from the 13th century, the ruin of the Werner chapel and the numerous defence towers. The castle Stahleck thrones over the town.

sessellift-assmannshausen-200_01.jpg (7707 Byte)Passed the medieval castle ruins Furstenberg, castle Lorch, Heimburg, Reichenstein and Rheinstein and the wine towns Rheindiebach, Niederheimbach, Lorch and Trechtingshausen, you'll reach the old spa and the red wine town Assmannshausen.

After 10 minutes foot way passed the old wine tavern and half-timbered houses you'll reach the cable car, which will take you up to Rhine hills with the Niederwald monument. You'll reach the Niederwald monument after a further 20-minute walk through the recreation area.

ruedesheim-drosselgasse-200_01.jpg (18166 Byte)


It's an impressive monument, which was constructed after the victorious war of 1870/71 against France. The monument reminds of the sad times in the relationship between the Germans and the French.

On the trip with the second cabin cable car downhill to Rudesheim you have a lovely view over the vine slopes, the Rhine river valley and the wine town Rudesheim.

In the town itself there's enough time for lunch, the visitation of the most interesting wine museum in the Bromerburg, the clock museum or the world famous brandy distillery.

In the late afternoon it goes back again to Oberwesel with the ship.



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